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Pesky gamers. You finally push out a game that's been kicked around for ten years and they immediately start asking you when the sequel is. Bethesda has revealed that you might have to wait awhile for Fallout 4 but it'll definitely be a shorter wait than the decade between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 executive producer Todd Howard told Reuters that three years was an ideal period between games. "I think it's good for people to miss things," said Howard. "Ten years between 'Fallout' is a bit long, but I think there's this nostalgia factor."

So pencil in Fallout 3 for 2011? Not quite. Bethesda VP Pete Hines walked back Howard's comment a bit in an e-mail to Edge yesterday. Said Hines: "An accurate headline would probably be, 'Fallout 4 before 2018,' since that’s what he really said." In other words, just because Howard said three years was, in principle, a good period between games doesn't mean that they're actually adhering to that with Fallout 4.

Well, Bethesda's really left themselves a lot of breathing room with that sort of time table. It indicates that they'll be pursuing other projects before trudging back into the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Another Elder Scrolls game, most likely.