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Many retailers offered different sets of pre-order bonuses for Far Cry 3. Regardless of where you bought the game, you can now enjoy all of that pre-order DLC. Ubisoft has compiled the DLC in a new Deluxe Bundle that can be purchased digitally.

The Deluxe Bundle includes all the content from the Lost Expeditions, Monkey Business, Warrior and Predator Packs. On the single-player side, this means six new missions and four new hunting challenges. Four of the missions star Hurk, an eccentric fellow who likes to strap explosives to monkeys. Furthermore, you'll have access to the Tribal Knife and Hunter's M700 Predator Rifle.

The bundle also contains a nontrivial amount of multiplayer DLC. Players will immediately unlock the Type-10 Flare, Shotgun and Predator Bow for online play. They'll also get two end-of-match videos involving Hurk and his monkeys.

The Steam listing for the DLC mentions that it includes a digital copy of the game's soundtrack and art book. There's no mention of that in Ubisoft's press release, however, so PS3/360 gamers might miss out on those two extras.

The Deluxe Bundle will set you back $10.