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Ubisoft released a new trailer for Far Cry 4 featuring some more of the activities that haven't been discussed or showcased in previous promo pieces. It's a nice shift away from the typical loud-explosions and generic shoot-outs that have comprised most of the previous video packages for the upcoming AAA title.

Previous trailers mostly just showed off the player character shooting guns and blowing up vehicles. It was hard to get a scope on what made the game any different from Far Cry 3. Well, I won't say that this trailer does a bang-up job of separating itself from the previous iteration in the series, but I will say that it at least attempts to show off some elements of gameplay that appear to add a sense of distinction to the experience.

Things kick off showing with the arena pit; a place where players are tossed to fight off increasingly challenging opponents, Rambo 3 style.

I imagine the arena fights will likely be there as replayable challenges to keep the action fresh for players looking for something a bit different to do other than blowing up installations or taking down guard posts.

The rest of the trailer quickly gets back to the guard posts and base installations. To mix it up, however, we see how some of the wildlife will play a bigger role in the ecosystem of player-driven actions. Even when scaling high up into the mountains there are still imminent dangers present.

However, it's not always just the enemy soldiers and wildlife that pose a threat to players, there's also a small issue of the environmental challenges and hazards present in the dangerous climate of the Himalayan mountains.

Players will be able to tear down various environmental structures that could help incite an avalanche.

I don't know if this video really changes my view of the game all too much. I mean, it still seems all too similar to Far Cry 3 with a glossy change in locale. I know some people would say the same thing for other sequels, but I do think that some sequels make some pretty big steps in how they handle content and the evolution of the mechanics. Like, Far Cry 2 was a huge step up from the first Far Cry, and Far Cry 3 was a moderate step up from Far Cry 2, tossing in a lot more interaction with the ecosystem and expanding on the exploration and stealth factors.

I don't think there's actually been enough time between Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 to hold my interest, but anyone who missed out on the third game but already played the second one might readily find some value in Far Cry 4.

The game is due for release on November 18th. The game is a cross-gen title, so beware if you're expecting a true eighth-gen experience. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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