Look, we get it. You're taking something a risk when you decide to invest in an indie game (like Fez) made by a brand new developer (like Phil Fish). But despite all of the glowing praise Fez received following launch, You still couldn't bring yourself to part with that 800 MSP. Well, for today only, that price has been hacked down by 50 percent. Now Fez is only 400 MSP, meaning you've officially run out of excuses not to have this game in your digital library.

Released earlier this year for Xbox Live, Fez had a high profile long before it ever made it to market. The game was built through some tumultuous years, much of which has been captured in the recently released documentary Indie Game: The Movie (part of Humble Indie Bundle 7). Along with playing Fez, watching that movie is another thing you should absolutely add to your “to do” list.

Part platformer, part adventure game, part puzzler, all unique, Fez is one of those games that pretty soundly defies definition. For that alone, gamers owe it to themselves to at least take it for a spin.

Fish's studio, Polytron, announced today that Fez would be going on sale for half off over the next 24 hours. You can download Fez now for just 400 MSP. For those of you who failed Microsoft math, that's just $5. That means you can get the game, and then take that additional five bucks that you saved and pick up a nice booklet of graphing paper to help map out your in-game experience. Trust me, that will come in handy.

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