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Gamers brought heat down upon Square for a lack of information and news about Final Fansty XV, especially following the absence of the title at this past year's E3. Well, Square Enix finally brought the fire with a brand new, gameplay-rich trailer for Final Fantasy XV at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show.

Listed as vaporware; stuck in the segment of games known as development hell; brushed off as another Last Guardian – Square's Final Fantasy XV was nearly at the point of being completely disregarded as a potential playable game, but lo and behold Square pulled through with a brand new trailer for TGS 2014.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer focuses just about entirely on the gameplay. We get to see how travel works in the game (with players traveling around in a rather fanciful luxury car) as well as how the combat plays out.

Previously we saw how the combat was hinted at in the TGS 2013 trailer, giving gamers plenty of hope to experience something completely unlike what was hobbled together in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

However, one of my very own biggest concerns – mostly kept to the confines of my own thoughts – since that trailer aired was how would the combat system actually work? It didn't seem like something that would be easily digestible for the kind of 13 button controllers we're used to. Well, the new video above gives us something a bit more relatable.

The combat looks almost identical to Monster Hunters or the Berserker class from RaiderZ. There's no complaints from me about that. I think it looks pretty cool, especially how the teammates help each other out when they're close by, or how taking a lot of damage appears to affect the character's animations and disposition (this is the kind of stuff that next-gen gaming should be about).

I can't really say I understand how some of the weapon mechanics work. It appears as if maybe there's TP that determines when the main character can use his sword or something? I don't really get it and it looks like the weapons are based around tunneling the weapons to the characters through some sort of quantum teleportation. It still looks cool, though.

The open world exploration and monster engagement looks righteous; it's nice that Square is getting back to the roots. It's like they took what worked from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns and then shoved it into something radically different from previous Final Fantasy titles. I have no complaints so far and I'm willing to see how it all plays out.

I'm also curious if this game will come under fire from the recent uprising of radical moralists? From what's been on display there's no “male power fantasy” tropes on display and there doesn't appear to be a typical rescue theme as the central plot in place (from what I can tell). I wonder if they'll find a way to drum up some kind of controversy? I guess time will tell.

You can learn more about Final Fantasy XV by paying a visit to the game's official website.
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