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The first bit of gameplay footage for Final Fantasy VII: Remake has made its way out to the public and it's making quite an impression. The game has been completely overhauled from its origin and now sports real-time combat and high-end in-game rendering.

Kotaku picked up the trailer from over on YouTube where Square Enix debuted the footage during the 2015 PlayStation Experience. You can see the two minute trailer below.

There's a lot to discuss in the trailer. The fact that the game seems to blend in-engine cinematics with in-game play is a nice move. It's very similar to the way they're handling the blend of in-game graphics and cinematics in the Luminous Engine-powered RPG Final Fantasy XV.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XV... the combat seems to be lifted from the earlier iterations of the game's design when it was known as Versus XIII. The combat is now in real-time and players can string together offensive and defensive tactics on the fly during combat. This helps give the game a similar anime feel that was depicted in the CG movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is funny because they said they weren't going to use the Final Fantasy XV engine for the game.

We only briefly get to see how Cloud and Barrett execute a few moves during combat, but if you were worried about only being stuck playing as Cloud in this Final Fantasy VII: Remake you need not worry. It appears as if the rule of three still applies here in this game and players will be able to switch in combat between the three party members in the group.

In the case of Barrett he unleashes a few gun blasts on enemies with his arm cannon. I do wonder how this will play into the game's Materia setup and summons? I imagine part of it will be similar to the way the summons are handled in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

Also, given that the game now has real-time battles on the overworld I wonder what will happen with random battle encounters? Will enemies just respawn in certain areas or will they stay defeated and just not come back? Also I'm curious how the world map will be handled in this new game?

There were quite a few answers in the trailer, letting gamers know how certain qualities of the game will be handled but also leaving plenty of room for curious gamers to find out what else Square Enix has in store for this very ambitious Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

The feedback on the trailer has been nothing but hyper-positive. Fans are actually extremely ecstatic about the direction that Square is going on and they love the graphics and the updated gameplay mechanics.

As noted in the trailer, this remake of Final Fantasy VII will launch first on the PlayStation 4 before arriving on other platforms. Expect to hear more about it as Final Fantasy XV preps for its final release.
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