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Square Enix will re-release Final Fantasy 8 on the PC, the developer and publisher announced today. The re-released version of the RPG is said to sport updated visuals.

FF8 starts Squall, a cadet at the Balamb Garden military academy. As part of his final test, he's asked to help the Dollet Dukedom repel an invasion from a neighboring nation. This war, as it turns out, was started by a mysterious sorceress named Edea. Squall's journey to stop Edea will take him through time and space.

The game first debuted on PSOne back in 1999. It had the misfortune of being the first FF title released after the hugely popular Final Fantasy 7. Many people, myself included, found the cast and story pretty dull compared to FF7's. However, you can also find plenty of people who preferred FF8.

Square Enix released a PC-only remake of FF7 last summer. In addition to smoother visuals, this updated version also has cloud saves and achievements. A Character Booster feature enables players to max out their hit points, magic points, or money with a press of a button. It's possible that the FF8 re-release will have the same features.

The first screenshots of the updated FF8 are below, courtesy of Famitsu. The Japanese gaming mag, who broke news of the re-release, says that no release date has been set yet.

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