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One of the most popular Final Fantasy games a bunch of people never had the opportunity to play could be coming to PC. In a recent interview it was revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0, currently being re-worked for release on the PS4 and Xbox One, could come to PC.

Gamespot managed to land an interview with Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata, and he talked a good deal about what gamers can expect, how the combat may play out on the new systems as well as what kind of features western audiences can look forward to.

Most notably is that there is talk about a possible PC version of Final Fantasy Type-0, to which Tabata was asked if it were possible and he stated the following...
"First and foremost, with the Vita version, we wanted to quickly release the PS4 and Xbox One HD version overseas, so we really prioritized optimizing it for those platforms. In terms of the PC version, it’s still up for discussion. It is a possibility, but it’s up for discussion. And it's running it on the PC right now, so…"

Previously Final Fantasy Type-0 was caught in localization-limbo, constantly being pushed around with no real release date outside of Japan.

Fans tried reviving Type-0 for western audiences who owned a PSP, but during the process of getting to the beta phase of a fan translation, Square Enix stepped in and had it all shutdown.

The highlight – even though that news in itself is pretty freaking depressing – is that Square at least decided to adopt porting the game to today's generation of consoles.

But there's also some news on the front regarding the little-talked-about but highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, with Tabata saying...
"I am also involved with the development of Final Fantasy XV right now, so in preparation, and to create a stepping stone for the next Final Fantasy that will arrive on those platforms, I really want to bring this to the PS4 and Xbox One and have people experience it there."

So there you go, that's the word on Final Fantasy XV and how far along they are with the game.

Previously there were hopes that the game would be finished in time for a 2015 release, but his words there don't quite incite within me the kind of confidence that would make me think that it's definitively going to drop in 2015.

On the upside, at least you have Final Fantasy Type-0 to look forward to. I doubt it's going to be a huge seller, but it's probably something that a lot of fans of Final Fantasy might want to pick up to help satiate their thirst for some Japanese role-playing gaming on the Xbox One and PS4.

I'm also very interested to see exactly how well the game will look on the new generation consoles coming off a PSP port, and how much time and effort Square put into the game.

You can learn more about Final Fantasy Type-0 by paying a visit to the official website.

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