Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Gets Shutdown By Square Enix

One of the most highly anticipated translations being worked on by the gaming community – a very passionate and dedicated community at that – has been shutdown with a cease and desist by Square Enix. How do we know? Well, the beta patch for the PSP version of the game has been pulled and work on the project must be brought to cessation.

The news was posted on the community translation's official website, via a Reddit post on /r/Games.

In the post, the head of the translation team, alias Sky, posted the following blog about the progress that the team has made on the unofficial patch, writing...

“Unfortunately I’m forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project. That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans. For the time being I can’t answer questions related to this matter, but I’ll write a more comprehensive post about all this once I get the chance.”

That's horribly disappointing.

This isn't the first time that a major publisher or corporate entity has stepped in and squashed the hopes and dreams of gamers; it's happened many times before with a number of other ports and fan-translations for games such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and countless other titles that gamers have absolutely fallen in love with and fawned over for years.

In this case, however, this wasn't a game that was released for wide accessibility, even though it received quite a bit of praise in Japan – where it was originally released on the PSP – and gamers begged Square for a North American and European port.

However, Square made it known that a port to America would be unlikely. They did mention later on that a Final Fantasy Type-0 localization of some sort might be possible. It turned out that they're going to be refitting the game for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. While this is great news for everyone who owns or plans to own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, it does little for the people who simply wanted to plop down $30 for the game on their PSP and call it a day.

The translation group working on an English patch for Final Fantasy Type-0 simply would have opened up the market for more people outside of Japan to purchase the game on the PSP. Whether or not it lived up to expectations is a whole other story, but the fact that there was such strong support for a localization patch that Square never provided, just goes to show how out of tune they are with their own fan base. Although, it's not uncommon for major publishers and gaming outlets to fall out of grace with the community that made them famous in the first place.

Before the cease and desist went out to the translation group, the team had managed to get the translation into the beta phase and offered gamers a patch. As it stands, it looks like it's all come to a close.

Now, the only way to play Final Fantasy Type-0 in English will be to wait for the PS4 and Xbox One version to launch.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.