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If you were all afraid and cowering in a corner about the rumors regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII being cancelled, you can take a a sigh of relief as the chief executive at Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, has confirmed that the game is still progressing and the cancellation rumors are just that...rumors.

According to a tweet from Yoichi Wada that VG 24/7 picked up, the boss states that...

Eh, considering that I don't speak or read Japanese I'm gonna go ahead and guess that he says he attended a meeting and that in the meeting there was some additional demo-footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and it was looking good.

Of course, there's also Google Translate, which did the fine job of butchering Wada's sentiment with this little nugget here, a direct translation of the quote above, saying...
Seems that guy is playing a hoax Versus What has been canceled. Toko the end of the regular meeting Versus right now .. giggle. If you look back ~ w De~e Nanzo skip town has been presented today

All righty, so at least this clears up that whole business of one of Square's biggest and potentially most critically-redeeming games no longer being in the vapor-ware bin...well, as far as having any official word on it goes.

We still haven't actually seen any recent builds of the game in action but it's pretty much guaranteed that if Square doesn't want this game relegated to the circles of “cancel-rumors” they'll need to show some actual gameplay footage at the Tokyo Game Show.

You can read up on the long and troubled history of Final Fantasy Versus XIII in an excellent write-up over at the Examiner.