In the wake of the natural disasters in Japan, Square Enix shut down Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and PlayOnline to converse power. Today they revealed when they will restore these services.

"Operating the servers for these services makes up 11.6% of the total power consumed by our Tokyo office (based on February 2011 records)," reads an absurdly detailed note from Square to fans. "We have shut down our air conditioning system (8.8%) and enacted other power conservation measures, such as reducing lighting in our offices, to achieve over 10% in energy usage reductions. With these energy saving measures in place, we will be able to bring our servers back online and restore service to FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XI, and PlayOnline on Mar. 25, 2011 4:00 (PDT). "

"All other services, such as those offered on the PlayOnline website, that were temporarily suspended will also be restored at the same time. Please be aware, however, that we may once again be required to suspend services in the event that the power situation worsens."

The takeaway: Square shut down their air conditioning and lowered their lighting just so they could power their game servers. Those guys are hardcore.

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