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It’s crazy when a demo that’s included on the disc for another game is more newsworthy than the game itself, but that seems to be the case with the highly anticipated preview of Final Fantasy XV, which is slated to launch alongside the console release of Final Fantasy Type-0. And for those who want to know more about what they’ll experience during the test drive, Square Enix has finally revealed a few new details worth checking out.

Originally launched on the PlayStation Portable as a Japanese exclusive, Final Fantasy Type-0 is *ahem* finally making its way to the States as an HD-ified upgrade for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This latest version of the game boasts shiny graphics and a few new tweaks, sure, but I’d be willing to wager that quite a few sales will be based on an add-on that has nothing to do with Type-0 itself; namely the demo for Final Fantasy XV.

As Eurogamer is reporting, Square Enix has finally offered some details as to what can be expected out of the trial run, giving players a taste of what FFXV has to offer well in advance of its undetermined launch date.

Slated to arrive on March 17, buying FFT-0 is the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on the FFXV demo, according to Square Enix. These types of promotions are frequently the “first” way to play a demo but, according to the publisher, it’s actually the “only” way you’ll be able to play FFXV before the full game launches. They don’t plan on releasing a separate demo for download. Ever. Period.

That’s a bit of a bummer, but at least you won’t have to sit through an additional waiting period to dive in. When these types of demos are made available, it’s not uncommon for the download to be “at a later date.” But, according to Square Enix, you’ll be able to play the demo for the newest Final Fantasy game the same day Type-0 becomes available. Just buy the game, input a code that will be included in the box, and get ready to explore the region of Duscae, a section of the map pulled directly from the full game. As for you digital buyers, the code will be included in your virtual purchases of the game for a limited time, too.

Along with that demo code, did we mention you’ll be getting a copy of Type-0, too?

Not unlike Dissidia Final Fantasy, Theatrhythm or Dirge of Cerberus, Type-0 is one of those games in the series that takes a bit of a departure from the norm. While it isn’t a rhythm game or more standard action platformer, the structure of Type-0 frequently strays from the traditional JRPG formula and the combat is far more action-based, rather than relying on turns. It’s a different experience, which will probably be considered a good thing since the most recent games in the Final Fantasy proper have received a lukewarm reception, at best.
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