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Tonight finally marks the night of the special Final Fantasy XV event where fans have been waiting for months to hear of the official release date for the game. We already know it’s supposed to be sometime this year, but we haven’t gotten any confirmation of a date. With the release event just hours away, there are already reports of a September 30 release date.

Kotaku is reporting on story, exclaiming that earlier today, Gamespot released a video where the upcoming game’s release date was leaked. Though Gamespot was quick to remove it, it just wasn’t quick enough to keep Kotaku from grabbing a screenshot of the release date.

”image Image courtesy of Kotaku

You might imagine that the staff over at Gamespot are flipping out because this is probably one of the biggest (and accidental, might I add) dick moves of all time. Hours before a special event dedicated to announcing the release date of the new game and the press makes an oopsie and releases it ahead of schedule. So many months spent building up fans for the announcement, creating an entire hoopla just to reveal it, and then this happens. Welcome to game development, folks.

Earlier in the month, Gematsu actually reported this same date as a rumor. They grabbed the information from three of their unnamed sources who are knowledgeable on the matter, so Gamespot didn’t really ruin too much. Everyone else could say they sort’ve saw this coming.

If you would still like to tune into the special event, which we still highly encourage you to do, and see if the leaked release date is indeed correct, you can stream the event here at 7PM PST.

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