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A lot of people have been saying that the line-up of games for the Xbox One and PS4 haven't been terribly impressive. In a way, I do I have to agree. The quick-time fest that is Ryse isn't very impressive save for the amount of enemy AI on the screen. DriveClub seems as if it's trying to establish itself amongst giants while offering very little that's new or innovative. Forza 5 is just a sequel and everything else is standard-fare. Good games? Potentially yes. Next-gen? Not really.

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV during the Tokyo Game Show this year and it features a few new snippets of clips that gamers may not have seen as well as a reaffirmation that Square is committed to making a Final Fantasy game that just might be the most memorable Final Fantasy ever.

Final Fantasy V gave us that awesome job system and helped turn turn-based gaming into one of the most preferred and fun ways to play RPGs. Final Fantasy VI will forever go down as the game that had more main characters than anyone could care to count, each with a compelling and emotive story, and Final Fantasy VII crafted a euro diesel-punk world that ushered in a dynamic and creative atmosphere; perhaps Final Fantasy XV could be the game that not only has an amazing game world but also has a memorable cast of characters and gameplay to bridge all previous efforts into one, massive, cinematic, story-entrenched game.

Even though Square has yet to garner both critical and fan praise the way they did with their series of Final Fantasy releases throughout the 90s, they're at least going all in with Final Fantasy XV in ways that are almost mind-boggling. As showcased in the trailer above, courtesy of Siliconera, we see that the gameplay isn't anything like previous Final Fantasy titles and it's difficult to understand exactly how the game is played. We also see that it's not all just on Noctis, but there are plenty of other characters lending a helping hand as well.

And the graphics, hot-dang do the graphics look amazing. Square really out did themselves on this one – the moments where Leviathan is just wrecking the city and everything is falling apart while players are trying to just grasp their bearings, looks amazing.

I know it's also tough to see how good the game looks, but PlayStation Mania helped out by grabbing hold of some very high resolution screenshots that you can exercise your visual purview and scrutiny on below.

So is Final Fantasy XV next-gen enough for you? Me? I'm convinced. The game looks amazing. I just hope the story isn't as pretentious as some of their outfits – otherwise, yeah, the game looks amazing.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Need more info? Feel free to visit Square's official website.

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