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If you’ve been following the progress of the crowdfunded The Flame in The Flood, then you know it’s finally nearing completion and almost ready for players everywhere. But today, The Flame In The Flood finally announced a release date of February 24, which is right around the corner.

The Flame In The Flood tells the story of a girl and her dog who, according to the Steam description, have to “forage the backwaters of post-societal America” to survive. Gameplay includes hunting for resources, crafting weapons and surviving the thick of a world left behind.

The Flame In The Flood was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter where they were funded around $100,000 over their initial $150,000 funding goal. The art style is dramatically beautiful with a very unique and stylistic character design and a soundtrack that truly sets the tone for the narrative. You can check out the original game trailer below.

It’s too bad this game isn’t coming to the PS4, because I feel like the narrative in the game could be very impactful. It says a lot about a video game, for me, when I feel emotions while watching part of the gameplay or the trailer. It’s probably due to a mix between the art style and soundtrack. Plus, I love a good survival game as much as the next person.

The game is available in Steam Early Access right now, but it will be heading to Xbox One, PC and Mac towards the end of this month on February 24.