Every now and again, it’s nice to put down the assault rifle and ski mask and play a video game that puts the player in the leading role of a genuine hero. And I’m not talking about a super soldier or space marine with bio-armor and an arsenal that would make Rambo blush. I’m talking about someone like Blaze Carruthers, the fire-fighting hero of upcoming PlayStation Vita game, Flame Over.

Coming from the folks at Laughing Jackal, Flame Over is billed as a “fast-paced fire-fighting roguelike” due to hit Sony’s portable console in Q1 of 2014. Officially announced at this past week’s Gamescom, Senior Producer Al Evans dished out some additional details about this interesting take on the roguelike genre over on the PlayStation Blog.

“The player’s objective is simple: guide a fire-fighter through the 16 floors of Infernal Industries’ skyscraping HQ, exploring your environment, seeking out loot, secrets and power-ups and hunting down blazes against the clock,” Evans said. “All levels in Flame Over are fully destructible and feature different themes, many room types, secret items and hidden levels, environmental hazards and tons of lovely loot and power-ups.”

In other words, no two playthroughs of Flame Over will be the same, as multiple aspects of each level will be in flux. Evans explained that this means the player will never be able to “learn” the best way to get through a level and, just like a real fire-fighter, will have to boldly march into the great unknown every time they do battle with a place.

Armed with just a hose, extinguisher and fire axe, Blaze will have to chop down doors and hazards, tame fires that have a mind of their own and, yes, apparently you will even need to rescue the occasional cat.

“The idea for Flame Over was born during a fire training day last year,” Evans said. “I was watching a video about the chemistry of fire and got to thinking about how you’d translate the dangers of fire-fighting into an action game. I spoke with a few industry peers and some of the SCEE team about it, and right away I knew we were on to something hot.”

As I said, the fire in the game has a mind of its own, utilizing a simulation that “radiates, jumps between objects, consumes fuel and destroys its environment in real time,” according to Evans. If you play a level that you particularly enjoy, you can even save it, add in your own objectives, then share it with the world via Near. For those who like to be a bit more competitive, there will also be the usual assortment of leaderboards for both the Cash Dash and Time Attack modes.

One of the many indie games bound for the PlayStation Vita next year, Flame Over looks to be a nice addition to the steadily-growing library that can be played in longs sessions or short bursts, perfect for a handheld console... just the way it should be.

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