Playground Games announced the first DLC for their upcoming racer Forza Horizon today. The Rally Expansion Pack will be available on December 18th for 1600 MS Points, or $10.

The Rally Expansion Pack provides new off-road action. Players will be able to brave some of the roughest roads throughout Colorado. They'll learn to navigate new types of surfaces, rugged terrain and higher jumps.

Horizon won't be in stores for another week so at first it seems premature to announce DLC already. However, there's a point to doing this. Horizon will offer players a Season Pass for all of its DLC, and Playground wants you to know exactly what you'll get by purchasing this Pass.

The Pass, priced at a whopping 4000 MS Points ($50), also gives you access to six car packs that will be released between November 2012 through April 2013. Your garage will be filled even further by five bonus cars available only through the Pass.

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