Playground Games and Turn 10 have sent out another set of screenshots for their collaboration Forza Horizon. Although Playground is shaking up the series' formula a bit, these shots demonstrate that Horizon will still have the same level of visual polish as past entries.

The big way that this game differs from older Forza games is that it has an open-world structure. Players can freely drive around and challenge other A.I. drivers they encounter. Playground has a lot of experience in the open-world driving genre; the development team has experience on projects like Driver and Burnout.

You might notice some colorful festivities in a couple of the shots. The game centers around a fictional racing event called the "Horizon Festival." Players strive to obtain wristbands by winning races, performing stunts and so forth. These wristbands then allow you to progress further in the festival's events.

Horizon will launch worldwide on October 23rd.

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