The first exclusive announced for Xbox One was Forza Motorsport 5, the latest installment in the Xbox exclusive racing series. Turn 10 has released a new trailer on the eve of this year's E3.

The trailer is typical Forza: unspeakably expensive cars riding on pristine roads. A subtitle says that video is entirely composed of in-game footage. It's an impressive display, but not all that surprising considering Forza's tradition of high-powered visuals.

Turn 10 hasn't revealed much about the game thus far. They mentioned in a recent GameSpot interview that it will run at 60fps and 1080p. The box art and first trailer confirmed that the McLaren P1 and F1 will both appear in the game.

Microsoft's E3 press conference will be held on June 10th at 12:30pm EST. They're planning to show off "a new generation of games" at the event so expect Forza 5 to make an appearance along with other exclusives.

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