A new direct feed video trailer was released for Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 5, the latest high-end racing title launching exclusively for the Xbox One on November 22nd. The trailer is short, snappy, decent looking and boring.

Yeah I know what you're thinking “Aren't you supposed to be in advertorial mode?” For most screenshots, trailers or media of that sort... yeah, we're usually in advertorial mode, or “Paying our dues to the Dorito Pope”. However, I can't get over how non-next-gen this game looks in this trailer and every other trailer out there. It looks so... generic and passe.

In fact, if you weren't paying attention it's just as easy to confuse the video above with Forza Motorsport 4 for the normal Xbox 360. Check it out below.

Bit of a “hurr, durr” moment there given how close both games look to each other. The main difference is in the actual gameplay, though, given that Forza 5 will supposedly handle 1080p at 60 frames per second. Now I'm quoting this on Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg's word. The same guy who also said that Ryse would also be 1080p and 60 frames per second, but turns out that the game will be native 900p at 60 frames per second, and potentially upscaled to 1080p.

Anyway, the confirmation of 60 frames per second is great and all but essentially it's Forza Motorsport 4 with a slight graphics tweak and a heck of a lot of DLC packs... then again, Forza 4 was basically Forza 3 with a slight tweak to the graphics and a heck of a lot of DLC car packs.

Whether or not the game will be able to retain the attention of gamers and become a killer app to help move Xbox One's certainly does remain to be seen, but the Forza series has never garnered the sort of attention that the Gran Turismo series did mostly because after Forza 2 the series really started rushing to the market. Gran Turismo is up to number '6' after starting on the original PlayStation One back in 1997 and managed to slowly build up a formidable and loyal audience through three generations of home consoles. Forza came onto the scene with a fiery cauldron of panache and made a mark on the original Xbox back in 2005 and yet in eight years they managed to make it up to number '5'.

Apart from Microsoft rushing sequels to the market and diminishing the anticipation and brand depth of Forza Motorsport, the latest game in the series will be the first true next-gen racer for home consoles that is fully featured. However, it won't stay there long because Project CARS is set for release in early 2014 and by every stretch of the definition, it is a true next-generation racing simulator.

You can learn more about Forza Motorsport 5 by paying a visit to the official website.

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