“Trippy” isn't a word used too often to describe video games these days, but there's never been a video game more deserving of that descriptor than today's latest addition to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, Dyad. Oh, and the holiday sales continue, too.

As revealed earlier this month, Dyad has finally arrived as part of the PlayStation Plus package, becoming the latest addition to the IGC and preparing to boggle the minds of gamers everywhere. Imagine running down a tunnel at breakneck speeds, surrounded by ever-changing, brightly colored rainbows and wild music echoing off the walls as you try to connect like-colored blocks and you start to understand what it's like to play Dyad. But even that admittedly terrible stab at describing the game doesn't do Dyad justice, a game that's tough to explain on paper.

“Last year, Dyad hit the gaming scene and stunned critics with its colorful visual palette and psychedelic soundtrack,” said Sony Sr. Community Specilist Kristine Steimer in a recent PS Blog post. “Seemingly simple to start, Dyad builds on core mechanics gradually, allowing you just enough time to get the hang of things before teaching you something new to master.”

Okay, so Steimer probably did a better job than I did trying to give you an idea of what Dyad had to offer. All I can say is that, if you're willing to play with the lights off and the volume turned up, you're in for one extremely wild ride. It's one of those games that, once you get into a groove, you sort of fall into your TV and leave your body behind, slack-jawed and staring as you hurl headlong down this crazy roller coaster of a game.

Dyad will be made available free of charge starting this afternoon via PlayStation Plus and will remain yours to enjoy so long as your account is in good standing.

But that's not all being offered through Plus this afternoon. The PlayStation Store Holiday Sale continues today, as well as a large number of additional discounts that, while not part of the festive celebration, are there for you to take advantage of, too.

You'll want to check the above linked PS Blog post for the full list, but this week's holiday discounts include games like Far Cry 3 for $17.99, Guacameelee for the ridiculously low $3.75, God of War: Ascension for just 10 bucks and Limbo for $3.75.

In the non-holiday yet still awesome sale, you can also get games like Eufloria HD for $7.99, Atomic Ninjas for $2.09 and Zombie Driver HD for $2.50. All of the Zombie Driver DLC is also on sale for $0.75 a pop with the soundtrack available for $1.25.

Finally, those of you gaming on the PS4 can jump into the Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer experience free of charge for a couple of days. You can start downloading the trial starting today, then jump in from Dec. 28-31 to see what the PS4's online shooter has to offer.

Look for everything above to go live this afternoon, just as soon as the PlayStation Network undergoes its regular weekly update.

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