Freedom Wars is supposed to hit US Vitas sometime this year and, to help get everyone ready for the hunting game that combines swordplay, third-person shooting and high-flying acrobatics, SCEA Associate Project Manager Nick Accordino has pulled back the curtain on a brand new trailer focusing on the game’s story.

With Freedom Wars finally releasing in Japan just last week and showing at the Sony booth during last month’s E3 2014 convention, Accordino said that the one question he’s heard most from the community is how much of an emphasis there will be on story. Fans of hunter games can attest to the fact that the genre’s heaviest hitters don’t typically put too strong an emphasis on narrative. According to Accordino, however, it’s one of the primary driving points of Freedom Wars. He said that players can expect over-the-top cooperative (and competitive) multiplayer, as well as a “captivating storyline.”

Check out the latest trailer above, which serves to further prove that point with brief glimpses at the world, characters and plot points of Freedom Wars.

I actually had an opportunity to tackle the E3 demonstration with Accordino in June, with him helping guide me through the controls as I learned about melee and ranged combat, as well as how to use my “Thorn” to zip around the level like a toned-down Spider-Man. The setting and the creatures we were fighting were unique in comparison to most hunter games, abandoning fantasy realms for the crumbled brick and mortar of a nearly destroyed city.

The creatures were also prone to capturing helpless humans, who we were tasked with saving in order to complete our objectives. This one-sided capture the flag element added a whole new degree of strategy to the proceedings, putting less of an emphasis on tearing our enemy to pieces (though you’ll certainly be doing plenty of that) and more of a focus on getting your charges to safety. It’s the first time in a hunter game I heard another player shout, “I’ll cover you,” meaning he would lay down some suppressive fire and draw the attention of our common enemy while I made a mad dash to an extraction point with a recently liberated human slung over my shoulder. I was defenseless in my escape, which added a whole new level of risk and reward when it came to plotting out our progress through the level.

According to Japan Studio Producer Junichi Yoshizawa, those are exactly the kind of interactions he wants payers to experience throughout their time with Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars is a title I created to realize a dream of mine,” he said. “My vision was to develop a PS Vita game that took advantage of the handheld system’s unique features, enabling gamers to come together via ad-hoc and Wi-Fi to overcome terrifying enemies. PlayStation has a storied legacy of creating innovative experiences and our collective goal was to create a Vita game that brought gamers together in a socially connected, location-based, co-op experience.”

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