Insomniac Games announced about a month ago that its latest project, the four-player co-op shooter Overstrike, was receiving an overhaul. Not only was the game's name changing to Fuse, but the cartoony graphics were being made a bit more realistic. The game's new trailer went like across the PlayStation Network yesterday afternoon and, yep, Fuse looks pretty badass.

The house that Ratchet and Clank built, and which was later occupied by the Resistance series, has shifted focus once again. The studio has always been about wicked guns that make baddies go boom in all sorts of interesting ways but, in Fuse those weapons finally take center stage in a shooter that's all about using your elemental abilities to their fullest. Check out the “official announcement trailer” to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Fuse is all about four-player mayhem. Similar to Resistance's Auger, one of the players has the ability to cover his teammates with a massive liquid shield. It looks like said shield is also able to blast enemies away by turning the energy it absorbs into a deadly weapon of its own. Next up is the Shattergun, which traps enemies in a spiky crystalline structure, perfect for shooting until the break into tiny bits. Liquid murcury sets people on fire...And it looks wicked awesome. Finally there's the antimatter guns, which appear to more or less fold enemies in on themselves until they disappear from existence. Lovely!

Fuse is definitely putting off a Borderlands vibe, but in the best possible way. Also, with the rising popularity of four-player class-based shooters, coupled with the fact that Insomniac will be making this game multiplatform, means that this could be a big home run for the developer. We'll just have to wait until March 2013 to find out for sure. Until then, I shall re-watch the trailer over and over, staring longingly at that sweet liquid mercury crossbow.

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