Insomniac Games has released additional images from their Xbox 360/PS3 shooter Fuse. Today's batch includes several headshots of Overstrike 9, the elite team of agents at the heart of the game.

Overstrike 9 is a four-person squad armed with cutting-edge technology. The team members come from all walks of life: a detective, a thief, a mercenary, and a scientist. Together this rag-tag group has to stop a terrorist organization that has stolen a dangerous alien energy force.

Each team member has a unique set of special abilities. For example, Dalton can summon an energy shield to ward off enemy fire while Naya can cloak herself. The team is most effective when they use their talents in tandem. If you're not playing in co-op mode, you can still experience this teamwork by flipping between characters on the fly.

Fuse is due in March 2013. It will be the first game that Insomniac, a long-time PlayStation developer, will release on the Xbox 360.

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