Insomniac Games has decided to sneak in another video for Fuse before the holidays. The new video, entitled "Dalton's Rules," presents new gameplay footage and story details in a manner befitting a Hollywood film trailer.

Dalton leads a four-man squad of mercenaries called Overstrike 9. The team performs dangerous, top secret missions throughout the globe. They stay alive by adhering to certain rules, such as "don't trust anyone."

Another rule states that they shouldn't stick their necks where they don't belong. On this particular mission, they fail to do that and end up unleashing an alien power source (the titular "Fuse"). "Fuse" gives the team members special abilities but could be used for mass destruction in the wrong hands. Overstrike 9 must stop a mysterious organization from using the power source for nefarious ends.

Fuse will hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 in March 2013. This will be the first multi-platform game released by Insomniac, a long-time PlayStation exclusive developer.

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