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After two years of pre-production, Codemasters is finally ready to reveal GRID 2 to the world. Today they delivered the first information on the racing game, which is set to hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2013.

Like its predecessor, GRID 2 will feature a mix of street, road and track racing. Vehicle damage, the Flashback rewind feature, and physics-based handling will all make a return. Codemasters will use its proprietary EGO Engine for the project.

Players will race in locations across Europe, Asia and the United States. Confirmed locales include Abu Dhabi, Paris, Miami and California. Players will compete using vehicles from four different decades. Oh man, I hope it's 1910 to 1950. I'd love to drive a jalopy.

GRID 2's multiplayer will be integrated with RaceNet, Codemaster's online hub for their racing games. RaceNet tracks your performance and progression and keeps you updated on your rivals as well. The multiplayer is said to be "entirely distinct and extensive," with extensive customization.

Codemasters will slowly unveil new assets for GRID 2 as they accumulate new Facebook and Twitter followers. The community has already earned the first unlock, a screenshot of a car with a stars and stripes paint job. That shot, along with the four announcement images, are below.

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