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Grand Theft Auto IV on PC has become a bit of a modder's paradise. They've done all sorts of crazy things with this game that would otherwise seem implausible, ridiculous or improbable. However, with a little creativity and mind-aerobics, modders managed to recreate some of the most awesome mods you'll ever see in a video game.

So what is all this babbling about? Well, a heavily dedicated modder posted up a new video of a Back to the Future mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. Going by the YouTube handle of seedyrom34, he's certainly not the first to make a working Dolorean mod for GTA IV and probably won't be the last, but his effort is definitely the most polished. There are a ton of Back to the Future mods for various GTA games, but none of them work the way seedyrom34's work.

I'm not going to spoil anything for you because I want you to embrace the awesomeness of the video first and then we'll talk about the specifics. Check it out below.

Was that not totally awesome or what? I loved how fluent and streamlined this mod works. For those of you who have modded in GTA IV you know how clunky a lot of the scripting and timing can be for stuff like this. For those of you who don't mod GTA IV, I'm here to tell you that it can be horribly clunky and very messy when trying to get scripts to work properly in the game.

Obviously, outside of a very well done Marty McFly conversion for Niko Bellic, the 88mph time dispersion effect looked amazing. The fire was also just, wow. It kind of leaves speechless, eh?

This certainly opens up a ton of possibilities for GTA IV as well as GTA V -- assuming the fifth game is still mod friendly.

You can learn more about the tools used to create this awesome effect as well as the remix of the popular Back to the Future theme over on the YouTube page.

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