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Let's just think about that for a second: 18 pages of detailed information, official information, for Grand Theft Auto V with brand new exclusive screenshots. How awesome is that? Well, you'll be able to grab a digital copy of Game Informer and check out the action once November 8th rolls around.

The confirmation comes courtesy of Game Informer's official website. Of course, there are embargos and rules in place to ensure that nothing specific is talked about before November 8th. So for the next two weeks we can only speculate and guesstimate what might be in the December issue of Game Informer.

I imagine there will be talk about vehicles, perhaps even the theft of said vehicles. There might also be a mention or two about weapons, maybe some form of violence...oh yeah, we can't talk about weapons without talking about violence. Oh, maybe non-wheel based vehicles will be mentioned at some point as well, I mean there are plenty of non-wheel based vehicles in the history of Grand Theft Auto games, so um, yeah. Maybe we can also expect some detailed generalization of mini-games, I mean those have been popular in GTA since GTA III, so yeah definitely mini-games. I feel smarter for having written that.

You can look for a digital copy of Game Informer to drop November 8th, with the newsstand rendition expected to go live on November 16th followed by the subscriber edition to arrive in the mail shortly thereafter.

You can pick up the single issue of Game Informer for $4.99 on iOS and Android devices, or subscribe via GameStop.

Most people exercising common sense will just wait a few minutes and read up on those 18 glorious pages of detail by visiting their local blog. I expect a few sites to shamelessly copy-and-paste the page-by-page print of Game Informer for everyone to see. Anyway, keep your excitement high because you'll be able to find out more about Grand Theft Auto V in just two weeks time.

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