GTA 5 Mod Lets You Run And Shoot With First-Person Camera

A new mod for GTA 5 lets players experience a whole new level of immersion in the game. The Xbox 360 mod introduces a first-person camera for traveling around the game world on foot.

In XBLToothPik's demonstration video, he's strolling through South Los Santos as Franklin. The realism is impressive. The camera bobs when the player walks or runs and sways as he climbs a ladder. If the player looks down, he can see his arms and chest. His hands pump in front of him while running. The first-person perspective isn't just a disembodied camera; you can really feel the character's movement and weight.

Admittedly, there are some hiccups. Occasionally the camera catches some polygons from the edges of Franklin's head. You can see transparent edges at the ends of his arms while climbing too.

The shooting is a bit rough with this mod as well. There's no apparent way to aim down the sights of your weapon. The lack of crosshairs makes it even harder to hit your intended target. The video doesn't show the cover system at all but I imagine that's a bit awkward too. Hiding behind cover isn't so useful when you can't see over it at all. On the plus side, you can see the character's weapon and hands easily when a gun is readied. You can see the full reload animation, too.

Still, the short video proves a point: seeing the vast world of GTA 5 through the eyes of the character would be fantastic. Like Crave Online, I'm excited by the possibilities of virtual reality for the game. Perhaps some day the Oculus Rift could be used with the PC version or Project Morpheus with the PS4 version.

Previous mods, like the one below, showed that first-person driving could work well in the game, especially with planes. Flying above the wilderness of Blaine County is already a thrilling experience. Being able to glance out the window at the mountains below, though, is so much better:

Virtual reality hasn't been confirmed for the PS4 or PC versions of GTA 5. Rockstar has only promised enhanced visuals, advanced movie-making tools for PC and all the previously released DLC for Xbox 360 and PS3. At the very least, though, we could see a complete first-person mod released by the community. There's certainly enough interest out there for this feature.

GTA 5 will hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.