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Rockstar Games is offering a bevy of discounts on a variety of vehicles in their GTA Online game for the Labor Day weekend. The deals mellow out at 25% off discounts on everything from boats and military gear to planes and sports cars.

The weekend sales was announced over on the official Rockstar Games website where they detailed what sort of bonuses would be handed out for the gamers partaking in the GTA Online activities.

On September 4th Rockstar Games offers a 25% off discount on jets and aircraft in GTA Online, along with double the amount of RP being handed out when gamers partake in air races and parachuting jobs. Gamers with a penchant for aerial activities will be keen to get in on the deal as soon as humanly possible.

On September 5th, this Saturday, there will be a 25% discount on sports cars and high performance race machines. There will also be a double RP bonus for those taking part in land races. If you're fast behind the pedal and furious behind the wheel, you'll want to jump on this deal once it becomes available in GTA Online.

On September 6th there will be a 25% discount on all speedboats and other water-based machinery. You'll be able to purchase a motorized lake vehicle for cheaper than the regular prices and also benefit from a double RP payout for all sea races.

But it doesn't end there. Rockstar also has an extra day of discounts that carries over into early next week. On Monday, September 7th, all urban warfare vehicles will be discounted by 25% off the normal price and there will be double the amount of RP for player who take part in deathmatches.

Ultimately, if you want to buy something and race it, this weekend is a good as time as any to do so in GTA Online.

The online mode hasn't always been well received by everyone due to the complaints centered around the payouts and the low amount of money from the jobs, but with the heists being added to the game the game definitely managed to win back over a lot of gamers.

GTA Online has mostly been coasting on what's been made available following the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC pack, which introduced some new swag for gamers to acquire. If you enjoy the grind of MMO games but wanted something that involved stealing cars and killing people with reckless indiscretion then GTA Online gets the job done.

The Labor Day weekend sale is currently taking place right now and the details on the deal are also made available over on the game's official website. If you're interested in the sort of vehicles and activities that will be discounted and offering extra bonuses, you can check them out over on the official Rockstar Games website.

GTA Online is available right now for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and even on PC. Of course, for PC gamers if there's a vehicle you want you can always just mod it into the game.

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