Rockstar Games is holding a Business Weekend Social Club Online Event this weekend in GTA Online. They're providing players with numerous incentives to log back into the game and try out the new Business Update DLC.

The Business Update weekend, detailed on Rockstar Newswire, is similar to the Valentine's Day Massacre event in that it greatly boosts player progression. Players will earn 50% more reputation points in any land races. Air races, meanwhile, provide 50% more cash than usual.

Sketchy auto dealer Simeon Yetarian also has some extra work for players. He's in the market for Ocelot Jackals, a type of luxury four-door sedan. When he texts you, find one and bring it to the docks for a hefty payout. You may have to fight other players for the merchandise, though.

Throughout the weekend, special crates filled with RPG's, Miniguns and Sticky Bombs will be falling from the sky. These crates will land in airfields as well as the Downtown Los Santos financial district - an appropriate location considering the corporate theme of the Business Update. The crates can also contain up to 8000 RP to help your character's rise through the underworld.

Rockstar is hosting a Snapmatic contest throughout the weekend. Post funny or beautiful pictures tagged with #BUSINESS that feature the new items for a chance to win. Rockstar will give $1 million in GTA$ out to five winners along with special vanity license plates.

Players can also win prizes outside of the game through the The Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes. Five winners will be chosen at random at the end of the weekend. They'll receive a Trevor Phillips Industries t-shirt and Merryweather Security camo cap. You can check out both items for yourself in the gallery below.

The Business Update was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on Tuesday. This free update adds an airplane, sports cars and two weapons to the single-player and multiplayer sides of the game. It also includes 14 new jobs for GTA Online that highlight the new items.

The event runs from March 7th until March 9th. Rockstar will launch the weekend with a live stream broadcast from 4pm to 6pm Eastern. During the two-hour broadcast, Rockstar and guests will show off the new Business content. Some of the biggest player Crews will host special video steams on Saturday and Sunday.

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