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While waiting for GTA Online to add cooperative heists, players have been making their own. This latest video is a real doozy.

The Achievement Hunters are the crew responsible for this latest heist. If you recall, they released a fantastic heist video a month ago in which they tried to rob a convenience store. In spite of their arsenal of weapons and complex plan, they screwed it up.

This time, they decide to up the ante by stealing an armored car and then robbing a convenience store.

"So you figure, we can't do one heist, so let's do two?" one of the crew members asks during the briefing.

Their plan is, once again, needlessly complicated. First, they'll pick up an armored car using the hook on the Cargobob helicopter. The pilot will fly it over a parking garage, where one of his accomplices will shoot open the back of the armored car and get the money inside.

Then, the gunners in the helicopter and the shooter will grab motorcycles parked on the roof and ride off through the subway. The pilot will try to lose the police by crashing his helicopter and then get picked up by one of the motorcyclists. The crew will then attack the convenience store together.

After deciding on their confusing codenames, the team logs into GTA Online. They spend a good chunk of the video just trying to get all the equipment together for their heist. The caper finally starts about 39 minutes in. Spoiler: it goes poorly. The players seem to be having a great time, though, and that's all that matters in the end.

Rockstar still hasn't announced a release date for heists in GTA Online. All they've been willing to say so far is that it's coming this spring. If past experience is any indication, the studio won't announce a release date until it's mere days away.

Online heists aren't the next DLC pack for the game, though. Rockstar first plans to release the High Life Update, a bundle of luxury items including sports cars and fancy apartments. They confirmed last week that the High Life Update will be out sometime in May.

Assuming that cooperative heists are next on their "to do list," - and they should be, considering the demand among players - then they might be released in June. Rockstar has been releasing DLC on a monthly schedule since February: If they can keep their promise about releasing High Life this month, then, GTA Online players might get some online heists at the beginning of the summer. In the meantime, at least we can watch hilarious heist videos to pass the time.
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