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All right folks, the time has come to start revving up your thumbs and prepping your mouse-clicking fingers for the inevitable launch of GTA V on PC. To help with that process Rockstar has announced the official launch times for the game via Twitter, so you'll know exactly when you can boot the game up and start playing.

As mentioned, on Twitter Rockstar Support dropped the following information bomb for everyone on the PC gaming side.

This is mostly directed toward people who have already pre-loaded the game. Pre-loading for PC gamers started back on April 7th of last week. This enabled anyone who pre-order GTA V to start downloading the mammoth 59GB content so that it would be primed and ready for play when April 14th came around. The total size of the game is actually 64GB, so there's likely going to be a few remnants to download even on launch day for last minute fixes and patching.

According to some gamers, Steam has been chugging along since pre-loading went live on April 7th, as tons of gamers have pre-ordered the game and are waiting in line to get the 60GB files. Even in the Twitter feed under the Rockstar Support comment, people are lamenting the slow speeds and how they can't wait to get in on the game when it finally goes live.

The pre-loading for GTA V helped dissipate some of the server strain given that on April 14th Steam could be crippled with the amount of data that's going to be required to download the game on launch day. And just to give you a perspective on how many people will be downloading GTA V, the game has already been in the top sales charts for Steam since back in early March based on pre-orders alone. In fact, this last past week GTA V was at the top of the Steam charts once more, as noted by Blues News.

PC gamers have spent two-years in the waiting for GTA V, as the game originally came out in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and then a year later it launched on the PS4 and Xbox One with upgraded graphics and a first-person mode that caused quite the stir when people found out that you could have first-person sex, even resulting in the game being pulled from some retail outlets in Australia.

For PC, Rockstar Games has gone the extra step and implemented some brand new and upgraded features including the full video editor. The editor allows players to take advantage of some nifty new tools, such as being able to utilize the director mode and take on the role of other characters or animals in the game to make the perfect machinima.

GTA V is available for pre-load right now and the game will go live this Monday at 7:00pm EST and Tuesday at 12:00pm BST.

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