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Rumors have been swirling that the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of GTA 5 won't be out until 2015. This weekend Rockstar Games flatly denied any such delay, though.

The studio said that "the release date has not changed" in response to a question on the Rockstar Support site. They then link to the previous announcement that the game would hit all three platforms in Fall 2014.

Rockstar's gone out of their way to reassure GTA 5 fans on Twitter as well:
The delay rumor seems to be based on Rockstar's silence about the ports. After showing off screenshots and a trailer at E3 in June, they haven't revealed anything else. Gamescom came and went without any mention of the new-gen versions of GTA 5.

The lack of information from Rockstar seems odd, considering the PC/PS4/Xbox One versions are their major holiday season release. They must have something meaningful to say about the ports. For example, they could share information on the video-editing tools coming with the PC version. Or talk more about the visual enhancements coming to all three versions.

Then there's the matter of a release date. We're only a few months from the end of 2014. Even if Rockstar's not willing to share an exact date, narrowing down the release window to a specific month would be nice. Give fans some extra assurance that these ports are actually coming out this fall. If not, can you really be surprised that they'd be reluctant to pre-order?

That all being said, the lack of information isn't information. Just because Rockstar isn't sharing information about the PS4/XB1/PC release, that doesn't mean it's being delayed months and months. They've always been a tight-lipped company, making announcements at their own pace and eschewing most gaming conventions. Half of the shock of their E3 announcement was that they actually showed up to E3.

Whenever it comes out, GTA 5's new-gen versions will probably be a popular purchase. One analyst is projecting that it will sell around two million in its first month.

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