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Rockstar has released a dozen more screenshots from GTA 5. In addition to showing off more scenes of criminal mischief, they feature a familiar street gang from GTA: San Andreas.

The Grove Street Families was the gang that counted San Andreas protagonist CJ among its members. Years later, the gang still exists. Franklin, one of the three protagonists in GTA 5, is associated with them according to a recent trailer.

Unfortunately, the Grove Street Families' enemies The Ballas have survived as well. In the screenshot, a Grove Street member (Franklin?) is firing an Uzi at a couple Ballas in their signature purple clothing. It seems that this gang war could play a role in the game's story.

The screenshots seem to show scenes from the same missions as the previous batch. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor dress up in jumpsuits and Halloween masks for some sort of heist. It's probably best that they hide their identities, considering the heavy firepower they're waving around.

GTA V will arrive this fall. You can find more screenshots at the official website.

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