GTA 5 Soundtrack Features 240 Licensed Songs And An Original Song From Flying Lotus

Grand Theft Auto V is gearing up for release to close out the summer, and Rolling Stone had an opportunity to talk to some of the folks at Rockstar Games about the collaborative music process and getting some of the biggest names in entertainment to come on board. This includes an original song made just for GTA V from the group Flying Lotus.

The Rolling Stones interview is of moderate length, and depending on what your interest are in music will depend on whether or not any of it appeals to you. Personally? I was highly disappointed there was no mention of Night Ride FM or Kavinsky, but whatever... I'll just listen to it when I get the game... or get his game.

For everyone else who is into the hippy tree-loving shtick, the punk-rock, the new-age, the grunge, the west-pop culture, the oldies, the classics and whatever the heck it is so-called “young people” listen to today will find a little bit of something they can attach themselves to in the massive 240-song strong licensed soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V.

Speaking with Rockstar's soundtrack supervisor, Ivan Pavlovich, the interview covers things like obtaining the services of DJ Pooh, who acquired samples from top name rappers like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, names that are probably very popular amongst the pot-smoking groupies of the 1990s.

There's also celebrities like Pam Grier, Bootsy Collins and Kenny Loggins contributing to various forms of different music cultures present throughout GTA V that appeals to the different vibes and counties of Los Santos and the larger region of San Andreas.

All together, there are 15 different radio stations each championing to the appeal of different tastes in music and music culture. In simple terms, there's at least going to be a little bit of something in there for everyone.

The game has already garnered tons of excitement, especially with the GTA Online mode and the ability to create your own gangs... although, the video showcasing the games was hit with a “cease & desist” so there's nothing to link back to.

Given that there isn't much else to say about GTA V at this point and I can't embed anything that probably wouldn't result in Take-Two's lawyers knocking on the door of Cinema Blend's owner, I'll instead talk about Hill Bill... yes, that little iOS game Hill Bill.

This side-scrolling title released not too long ago to very little fanfare but has received quite the response from customers, with 24's Jack Bauer writing on the iTunes page that it's a....

“Super fun game!! Just started playing and am already loving the art and animation. Sweet tricks as well.”

If Jack likes it then that's saying something... and you obviously don't want to piss off Jack.

You can pick up Hill Bill from the iTunes app store right now for only $1.99.

Maybe the next time this section of an article about a game will actually contain footage from said upcoming game, so long as lawyers who are wound up tighter than a nun's girdle, aren't threatening us to take the footage down. So, enjoy this trailer instead.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.