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A new motorcross stunt game for mobile devices has gone live and it's called Hill Bill, it's a simple side-scrolling vehicular game where players are tasked with pulling off stunts across increasingly difficult levels, starting off in the bayou swamps and moving up to the big league stadiums.

Ajay Chadha, Founder of Balloon 27, the design group behind the recently released mobile title, commented about the game's release, saying...
“Hill Bill is our first foray into the mobile space, and we wanted to draw on our past console experience to make sure that the graphics are impeccable and that the game provides hours of engaging and addictive gameplay,”... “Hill Bill is a perfect meeting of fun, quirky art style, authentic sound effects, colorful environments and exciting gameplay, and we know that iOS gamers will continue coming back for more.”

The game is a “You can do it” style stunt racer, where players start off in the garage of Hill Bill, using his old junk bike to fly across small jumps in the swamps. Eventually, players will level up their skills, ramp up their technique and blast through more than 60 different levels across six different environments in order to fulfill Bill's destiny... the great jump across the Grand Canyon.

Players can unlock new bikes and outfits as they progress through the game, unlock new tricks and conquer massive jumps. A mobile game with actual replay value... you have got to give the developers some props for that, right?

The game looks like it could be a lot of simple fun as you spare some time or burn up your boredom while commuting or waiting around. The game has a cool art style and, so far, several gamers have commented on the hilarity of the voice acting to keep you playing and keep you entertained.

There are a selection of new screenshots released for the title that you can view below, along with yet another trailer just in case you needed a bit more incentive to put down $1.99 on this new iOS title. For even more information on Hill Bill you can head on over to the official website.

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