GTA V's Nightride FM To Feature Kavinsky

Like the song “Nightcall” from the Drive soundtrack? Awesome, then you'll probably love Nightride FM given that it'll be hosted by the really cool French DJ, Kavinsky. He's known for his 1980s Miami-themed dark-wave electronic music and it will be making an appearance in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, due out this spring for home consoles and later on for PC.

Attack of the Fanboy managed to get hold of info from Twitter about the DJ's involvement with Rockstar's upcoming open-world action game, saying...

DJ Kavinsky has confirmed that he will be appearing in GTA V on the station, which would come as no surprise as he also contributed to GTA IV. The artist confirmed the news via Twitter, but didn’t offer any other details about his involvement in the game.

This is great news!

Fans of underground electronic music will easily gravitate towards the excitement of this news because Kavinksy really helped bring Nicolas Winding Refn's indie masterpiece, Drive, to life. That's not to mention that other songs like “Roadgame”, used to help promote Hitman: Absolution, also gained a lot of momentum for Kavinsky as well, and the guy is really just hitting strides using old-school sounds for a new-school generation.

One thing to consider, however, is that as cool as it is that GTA V will have music from artists like Kavinsky, there's also that absolutely frightening realization that 10 or so years from now we could be looking at licensing issues with publishing and distribution of GTA V via digital e-tailers due to the record industry...sort of like shades of GTA: Vice City and SME.

Still, it's great news for fans of Kavinsky that the guy has a bit of prominent role for one of the game's music stations, and the whole “Nightride FM” sounds like it could be one small part of many amazing features to round out Grand Theft Auto V.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.