GTA 5 Strategy Guide Hits iPad

Rockstar Games has released an official strategy guide for Grand Theft Auto V. The interactive handbook for all things related to car thieving can be downloaded on iPad for $4.99.

The app is based on the GTA V Signature Series Guide from BradyGames. It features an interactive map with all of the collectibles noted, including Spaceship Parts and Hidden Packages. They also note where you can find all the Stunt Jumps and Aerial Challenges.

Additionally, the app guides you through every mission in the game. They'll tell you how to complete each mission and get a Gold Medal in the process. Tips for side activities such as yoga and golf are included as well.

Posting this article a couple days after Rockstar's announcement seemed appropriate. Much like the article, the app's a bit late. GTA V turn two months old next Sunday. I'd imagine a good chunk of the player base have already finished the game and moved on. It would've been a bit more effective if Rockstar was able to get this app out on, say, launch week. Still, GTA V's a lengthy experience even if you're not going for 100% completion so I'm sure there's plenty of players that could use the sage wisdom contained within. Owners of the rumored next-gen console and PC versions should find it real handy, too.

I assume the reason that it took so long to release the iPad guide is that they didn't want it to compete with its paperback counterpart. This is a valid concern fro BradyGames to have. After all, the physical version of their GTA V guide costs five times as much as the app. That would be a pretty easy decision for gamers to make, provided they own an iPad anyway.

What I'd love to know are the sales figures for these official guides, digital or physical. Companies like BradyGames are competing against YouTube videos and GameFAQs that offer the same knowledge but cost zero money. Those fan-made walkthroughs might not be as sleek as BradyGames' creations but free-and-raw tends to beat out paid-and-polished. Just ask newspapers.

The advantage of making a digital guide is that it can presumably be updated with new content as GTA V evolves with new DLC. No word yet on whether Rockstar plans to keep maintaining this guide, though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.