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The Xbox 360 and PS3 are about to get one last big jolt of usage before they're ultimately abandoned, thrown aside, tossed in a corner and forgotten forever after the next-gen consoles drop this November. The company providing that jolt is none other than Rockstar Games. They released a new trailer for GTA V featuring some new gameplay and some new details.

We get to see a heist being setup where the getaway vehicle isn't necessarily a vehicle but appears to require scuba gear. We get to see one of the characters in a heavily armored body-suit with a minigun, wrecking carnage and shooting the mess out of everything... looking as if they came right out of Payday 2. And we also get to see a few more environments and a few more outfits.

I hate to say it but I'm now under the impression that this game could ruin a lot of the fun for Payday 2 devotees. I mean, you get to plan the heists, pull them off and do the whole getaway bit just like in Payday 2 but set within an open world. The only thing that could keep Overkill Software's FPS floating neck and shoulders above the competition is that there is an option to play through each of the missions in stealth mode.

Whether or not you can stealth through the heists in GTA V remains to be seen and Rockstar obviously isn't going to talk about it, but it does open up the action title to dabble in more than just the open-world driving/shooter genre that it has so long dominated since the early 2000s.

So far, I'm extremely excited about the game and many of the elements are extremely enticing, including the completely retooled vehicle customization, the ability to buy and sell property, the massive open-world exploration features and, of course, GTA Online.

Speaking of the online mode... how will that work with custom vehicles? Will players be able to save and store their cars and bring them into the online portion or will there be restrictions? How about liveries? I'm curious how Rockstar will tackle the very problem that Realtime Worlds faced: memory budgets. While GTA V limits the player count to 16, that's still quite a bit of memory consumption when considering all the different options, open-world antics, pedestrians and police.

Anyway, while Rockstar has shotdown any potential next-gen or PC news for GTA V, gamers can partake in the current-gen version once September 17th rolls around. With more than 240 licensed songs, a new weapon wheel, multi-character story lines and too many mini-games to list here, GTA V could be one of the biggest games released... ever.

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