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There's a video that managed to go viral featuring a semi-trailer pulling off a flip stunt in Grand Theft Auto V. The stunt itself is something you see a dozen times over with motorcycles and bikes, but seeing a massive truck pull off the stunt and land it perfectly has the internet buzzing like bees around a hive.

The video above comes courtesy of YouTuber BlackSmokeBilly. He's likely going to get a ton of new subscribers thanks to that video.

The most upvoted comment of course is the one that explains how he pulled off the stunt, with BlackSmokeBilly saying...
Alot of people have been asking and speculating how I pulled off this stunt. All I used was a custom handling mod by using OpenIV, plus alot of failed attempts

The custom handling mod enables players to modify how cars and other vehicles behave in GTA V. It's contained within a meta data file, housing modifications for things like the suspension, tire grip, turning, acceleration, mass, thrust, braking and weight. I'm not entirely sure what Billy's exact configuration is but he obviously sped up the semi so it could boost up the hill to perform the stunt.

There are a few things that really stand out with the stunt, though. First up, it's the fact that it's a big 'ole truck doing a flip in mid-air that has a lot of people wide eyed. Next up is the fact that the truck lands right proper on the road... something that's difficult to pull off with other motorcycles, bikes or cars in GTA. The most impressive thing about the video, though, is the fact that the trailer in the back – after a bit of a delay while floating in the air – manages to land perfectly back behind the cab with a slight rock and tilt before balancing out.

A lot of people note how impressed they are with the RAGE's handling of physics. Based around the dynamic calculations and real-time physical adjustments from NaturalMotion's Euphoria engine, it's not too shocking that on higher-end rigs we get to see outrageous yet properly simulated physics with the help of some mods here and here. There are definite improvements with GTA V over what was featured in GTA IV and it makes the game move, look and feel a lot more dynamic and realistic.

Currently, modding in GTA V isn't quite the same as GTA IV. There are some minor hoops that have to be jumped through to modify the game, but the OpenIV team have tried hard to make it as easy as possible so videos like the one above can be made possible.

While modding was made more difficult due to Rockstar's advanced encryption process, modders have worked tirelessly and very hard to make fast advancements with GTA V's modding. They've already begun importing Liberty City and Vice City and have started with texture swaps.

I just can't wait to see some new machinima featuring some total conversion mods. Maybe we'll get a proper Fast & Furious and Star Wars movie trailer redo in the PC version of the game complete with assets resembling both films?
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