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Rockstar Games' latest update set to arrive on December 15th is the sort of update that actually puts a lot of mods to shame and shows that they still have what it takes to knock a home run out of the park. The latest expansion is called Executives and Other Criminals and features a huge overhaul to the way GTA Online is played.

Over on the official Rockstar website they announced the new expansion pack with a trailer that briefly covers some of the expansive new content for the game. You can check it out below.

The new expansion for GTA Online features everything you see in the video and then some. There are brand new vehicles for players to purchase in order to fulfill the extravagant lifestyle of excess and grandiloquence. This means you'll be able to purchase some brand new apartments and houses in Vinewood.

Now the interesting about it is that I mentioned in the opening paragraph that Rockstar is finally putting the mods to shame. And that's actually a good thing for gamers, because previously the housing in GTA Online was fairly limited. Modders added new housing options and customization... but what they didn't have was new interiors and customization for stilted houses and mansions in the hills with lavish interior customization. So Rockstar actually one-upped the modders in that regard.

Also, they've added all new co-op jobs and abilities in the Freemode. Players who achieve enough wealth to become “Executives” can run their own syndicated crime organization. This is actually really cool and also finally does something that a lot of people have been expecting from GTA Online since its original release. The crime lord feature enables other players to work as bodyguards or low-rung criminals to earn money and experience points while working under other players who are “Executives”.

This is pretty cool because it adds a whole new meta-layer to the online portion of GTA V and gives a bit more of a structural, end-game, realm-vs-realm setup to the atmosphere of GTA Online.

Various “Executives” can wage war with one another and attempt to execute a rival crime lord or sabotage their business. There are even new game modes implemented into the Freemode to accommodate for the more organized crime structure of GTA Online. It reminds me of the crime bosses in EA's first Godfather game and how they had underlings and businesses that could be affected. I imagine rackets and small player-owned shops will likely be in the next update?

Anyway, Rockstar is also adding in a new Super Yacht for players to use as a base of operations, complete with a full staff. There's a new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter, a new watercraft, several new sports cars and new upgrades for the vehicles as well. It's a massive new update for GTA Online and it goes live on December 15th.

This particular GTA Online expansion will only be available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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