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Since Rockstar Games released the Content Creator for GTA Online, players have created and published over one million new Jobs. This weekend the developer announced the first Rockstar Verified Jobs, a set of ten missions that they feel are the best player creations.

The Content Creator allows players design their own Races and Deathmatches. They choose a location somewhere in the game world and then nail down all the fine details. Other players can then rate these creations.


Over The Hill II by LXG_No_Mercy - "You may have seen us playing this one during last weekend’s Social Club Event live-stream show. "Over the Hill", from the veteran LXG Crew and their outspoken leader LXG No Mercy, is currently amongst the top 10 most popular Xbox 360 Jobs. This epic up-and-downhill off-road Race climbs over Mt. Chiliad with multiple obstacles to navigate through some of the roughest terrain San Andreas has to offer."

Jump and Die by keatonw33 - "Another of the top 10 most popular Xbox 360 Jobs, this Race has some extreme jumps spanning five major areas. Not-so-shy to show off his own take on a creative jump-shot, keatonw33 takes us through a chaotic but fun endurance test as he challenges: 'Your car will need all the armor it can get… maybe wings too!'"

Jumps Jumps Jumps by iTzPressure - "This simple Race arranges some perfectly placed jumps along a dusty stretch of highway starting in Mount Gordo and ending up in the Grand Senora Desert. See if you have what it takes to brave this deadly game of heavy metal hopscotch. "

Quick 'n Quarrelsome by FatiguePsycho - "A very fun Los Santos Race from a member of the Velocity X Crew, this challenging double-helix-looking circuit of "tricky twists and turns" will put your cornering skills to the test."

Drift King by MrPalms - "It would appear a careful chemistry went into this decked-out race course on the docks submitted byWalterWhitePlc Crew Commissioner, MrPalms. Squared off alongside the water, missing those Check Points will punish you in this sink or swim challenge."

LS Forum by caskillo - "A Velo/NASCAR-style rooftop race atop the Maze Bank Arena, this Top 10 Most Popular PS3 Job is a RPM extravaganza. We highly recommend motorbikes as the transport of choice, for the full wind-rushing-through-your-hair effect that can only be achieved by going in tight circles at top speed hundreds of feet above downtown Los Santos."


Seal Team Six by ishtheengineer - "Spawn into this Deathmatch with Rhinos, Lazers and Buzzards (oh my) for an all-out battle at the Sandy Ridge airport. Heavy firepower with lots of room to stretch your legs. This artillery attack follows the simple formula that everything goes better with high-end explosives and military-grade hardware."

Saving Ryan's Privates by dafr3aka - "Despite the cheeky title, this Deathmatch ranks highly as a brutal gauntlet where you are instructed to "eliminate your enemy using your military training" and hardware which seems entirely appropriate for a crunch-time arms display on Pillbox Hill."

Prison Thugz Fight by Mike921 - "The Bolingbroke Penitentiary has certainly been a popular location for up-and-coming match makers and this one is a standout example of why. Resident inmates learn the full meaning of daily wRECk time in the yard with enough baseball bats, knifes and nightsticks to keep this jailhouse melee rockin' around the clock."

Bridge of Death by Junestar225 - "Nowhere to go but down it would seem. Square off against your enemies on a fortified bridge with no shortage of projectiles, firearms, active traffic, wreckage and plenty of barriers to make this a chaotic cocktail of death and destruction above the La Puerta Bay."

Rockstar Verified jobs can be accessed on both Xbox 360 and PS3. The developers will announce additional picks in the future. If you think your own creations are up to snuff, Rockstar encourages you to post them in the comments of this Rockstar Newswire post.

While the flood of new player-created Jobs and the recent debut of Capture mode is giving players plenty to do, there's been a recent uptick in cheating. Some players have found ways to illegally obtain huge sums of money. Rockstar assured players today that they're developing a patch to remove all of the money obtained through exploits. They'll also punish players who participated in this cheating.

Some players who didn't cheat may have received huge sums of money due to these exploits. Rockstar says that they won't punish anyone who didn't actually cheat to get this money. You can get this illegitimate money removed from your account by contacting Rockstar Support. You can also just wait until the fix arrives and vacuums up all of the exploit money.

Rockstar will continue producing new content for GTA 5's multiplayer in 2014. Their plans for next year also include the first single-player DLC for the game.

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