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A huge batch of new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots have hit the Internet. They show Trevor, Franklin and Michael getting into all sorts of trouble in Los Santos.

Franklin chases a muscle car on a dirt bike in one screenshot, and blasts someone with a shotgun in another. Michael rappels down the side of a skyscraper in another. Trevor, meanwhile, walks away from burning buildings (no doubt in slow-mo).

All three of these characters are playable in the game. The campaign seems to center around the unlikely alliance between the three. In certain missions, they'll team up and players can switch between them to experience the criminal mischief from different perspectives. In between missions, players can choose which character to control and experience different side content.

GTA V will be the first game in the series to have multiple protagonists. It's very ambitious in terms of both story and gameplay. The risks Rockstar is taking with this game are one of the reasons we're eager to play the game.

Rockstar plans to release GTA V in the coming months. January looks like it will be filled with updates on the game, including the official box art.