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Following the huge boost in sales from the Wii U right after the news broke about the Xbox One, the used game fees, the 24 hour mandatory check-in and the always-listening, always-on Kinect, GameStop decided to hop on the marketing wagon by offering a special deal on the Wii U.

Nintendo Insider is reporting that GameStop is running a special promotion up until June 2nd that allows you to trade-in your standard Wii and have $50 put toward the Wii U. While that doesn't seem like a whole lot, it is a better deal than what most people would get for normally trading in a Wii. What is it, like $36 on average?

Anyway, this is a smart move by GameStop given all the negative publicity surrounding the potential changing landscape of the used game market, assuming Microsoft goes through with the policy that they have in place. Such a policy could effectively cut brick and mortar video game retail chains completely out of the market for good.

For now, GameStop can at least rest assured that their pre-owned agenda will stay exactly the same with the Wii U, and afterthe system moved massive numbers following the Xbox One reveal, the company seems to be leveraging themselves closer toward Nintendo than Microsoft or Sony.

Speaking of Sony...while we know the PS4 can play used games (as has been reiterated many times over) what we don't know is if publishers will make good on the ability to inculcate their own used game barriers and fees to work in similar fashion to Microsoft's Xbox One.

For the most part, the only true to heart console that is guaranteed to play games, allow you to trade games and allow you to play more games is the Wii U. While many have criticized Nintendo for not doing enough to change the market, perhaps keeping with tradition is what will keep them afloat.

You can learn more over on GameStop's official website.

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