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A top 100 list of game trailers is no easy task. I mean, that’s a massive undertaking, right? Well, GameTrailers has done some massive undertaking and came up with a beefy top 100 list for the greatest video game trailers of all time. They finally revealed the number one trailer on the list and you will be shocked to know what it is…bio-shocked, that is.

That’s right, the numero uno trailer out of all game trailers out there happened to be the BioShock X06 trailer, featuring the self-absorbed, philosophically grandiose speech from Andrew Ryan. You can check out the number one trailer below and it also includes an explanation of how it landed in that spot.

Ehh, even after listening to the explanation behind the decision, I’m still not entirely convinced that this would be the best out of a 100 different trailers. One of the few trailers that still stick with me is the Metal Gear Solid 4 Courage is Solid trailer. That was a pretty freaking epic trailer. Oh and let's not forget the Deus Ex: Human Revolution director's cut trailer, which will probably go down in history as one of the most moving, poignant trailers ever.

But I guess choosing a Top 100 list of the greatest game trailers of all time is hard enough, not to mention that the entire thing is going to be subjective from an art and entertainment aspect from one gamer to the next. With that said, gamers have been encouraged to vote for the number one trailer of all time over at GameTrailers. I suppose if you disagree with their list then you can speak up by voting for the trailer you believe deserves top spot as the greatest of all time.

You only have until 6PM PST, today, to vote for your favorite. So you better scurry on over there and lock in your vote before it’s too late.