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If you thought Diablo III was bad for gaming addicts, you haven't been keeping up with the inner circles of Call of Duty fandom. Apparently some Ohio kid found himself gaming so hard for four days in Modern Warfare 3 the latest first-person shooter from Infinity Ward and Activision. He emerged from his room after the four day binge and collapsed, requiring immediate medical attention.

According to WCMH-TV [via USA Today] the 15-year old found himself gaming day in and day out for four straight days. According to his mother he only stopped to grab a snack and freshen up, but he forgot to hydrate himself!

Quite naturally, the punk kid collapsed and was rushed to emergency. As punishment his mother took away his Xbox 360 playing rights. Yes, after the fact.

According to Dr. Mike Patrick it's important to “...Get plenty of food and fluids, take breaks for physical activity and get some sleep.” Gosh, really? I didn't think food and fluids were that important. You know, I'm used to going weeks-on-end getting by on vaporous fumes for hydration and left-over crumbs for nutrition. I had no idea that going several days without proper rest or food while jamming one's face up to a giant TV and twiddling thumbs all day long would result in collapsing. What I fool I was, and apparently this 15-year old scrub was a fool, too. Of course, he did manage to nab the "Play 'till you drop" achievement.

So what lesson did we learn here today, folks? That if you're a parent and your kid is playing a video game for four days straight and not sleeping, properly eating, showering or even DRINKING WATER, something is terribly wrong. I didn't think it was necessary to point this out but: don't play video games for too long without proper hydration! Let's not forget that over in Taiwan a young kid died at the age of 18 because he played Diablo III non-stop for 40 hours straight. This poor sap collapsed after four days of an MW3 shoot-fest.

I'm guessing either video games have become unbelievably addictive these days, or kids are getting dumber. And don't forget to grab a drink of water as you click out of the site, we'd hate to be responsible for someone reading too many articles non-stop without eating, bathing, sleeping or staying hydrated.

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