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If it were allowed I would reach through my monitor and shake Matt "BLiTZ" Siegfried more than likely overly sweaty hand. A student at the Ohio State University, “BliTZ” sat through an incorrigible 43 hours of game time to set a new world record for hitting Borderlands 2's level-cap...and unlike some other gamers, he managed to do so without dying in real life.

I think Matt not only deserves a handshake but a standing ovation, he's pretty much the epitome of hardcore. I cower at his dedication and envy his skill.

The news comes courtesy of Eurogamer, where they report that the self-proclaimed "multi-genre/multi-console world champion, speedrunner, high score chaser, tournament player, co-op lover, and OSU student” not only made the accomplishment but did so with 43 hours of footage. Yes, this dude is hardcore, landed an awesome achievement and gets it on tape, who other than Ray J, Tommy Lee and Brett Michaels could say the same thing?

According to Record Setter, Siegfried's latest feat with Borderlands 2 isn't his only feat. This guy has 21 additional records to his name. One of the most recent and eloquently elaborate comments about the feat is highlighted on Siegfried's page, where the diction-heavy user let's loose a refined verbiage of adoration and praise, by saying...
”Matt's a beast :)”

Dave Vogt, I couldn't have said it better myself.

You can witness all 43 hours of Matt's uber-awesomeness and record-setting skill by checking out the video below. Yes, all 43 hours of it...I would dare you to watch it but there have been some recent cases of people dying after being exposed to 40 hours of consistent gaming, so maybe you should watch it in six hour segments to avoid ending up like this guy, who died after seven straight hours of exposure to playing games. You can also check out Gaming Blend's review of Borderlands 2 if you're curious about whether or not it's worth investing more than 40 hours of your life into.

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