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Poor, poor gaming journalists; I feel bad for the guys and gals who actually try to “uncover” a story the old fashioned way: using keen insight and investigative techniques. Well, remember when the Borderlands 2 announcement rumors came about? Well, remember when Eurogamer did a “light” listing of the game’s features? Well, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford didn’t take too kindly to that and called it shoddy journalism on Eurogamer’s part.

Ars Technica recently did a write-up on the fallout between Pitchford and Eurogamer. Apparently the prez of Gearbox doesn’t like when marketing tactics get foiled by information that happens to be 100% correct, and the man behind the Gearbox plan went to the social networking machine, also known as Twitter, to lambaste Eurogamer with just under 140 characters…because, you know that’s Twitter’s limit. Pitchford basically tweeted, saying…
"I have long maintained that we will do more with Borderlands," ... "Shoddy journalism is not an announcement."

Oh yeah, that’s telling them. The only thing is, there was nothing really shoddy about it since the information was confirmed as correct. Technically, does this mean from now on anytime a gaming journalist does the job and does it well they’re going to be called “shoddy” and “hacks”? I guess sticking to being an armchair warrior that reiterates company press releases, screenshots and trailers is all “video game journalists” are good for. Dare they do anything more than that and, well…they’ll be punished severely to the gravest extent that digital punishment can procure. Basically, that means they’ll be blacklisted by the company…at the most.

So what did we learn here today boys and girls? That video game journalists can’t be real journalists by running breaking news stories about the digital entertainment industry (specifically games that have not been announced or info on recently announced games), lest their work be labeled as “shoddy”.

That’s sort of like Christopher Nolan calling movie sites out there “shoddy” for running images and stories about all those Dark Knight Rises photo leaks. Yeah, I guess gaming has a ways to go to catch up to the movie industry when it comes to not being fascists about information.

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