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Gearbox Working On New IP For PS4, Xbox One

Everyone's favorite lawsuit-ridden game developer has some big things popping and some little things dropping for both the current and next generation of gaming. The president of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, let loose a few hints about the studio's plans for the future.

DSO Gaming caught some interesting quotes from the Duduk Magic listening front man behind the company that brought us Borderlands, Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines. A scorecard that stands at one and three.

Anyway, Pitchford – still embroiled in a bit of heat over the misrepresentation of Aliens: Colonial Marines and the subsequent lawsuit(s) that followed – stated in a podcast on The Nerdist that...

“In our case especially, we are not launching any new full products for the current gen again. So we’ve launched the last of our current gen products and everything we’ve got in development is for next gen. We have some things that we are supporting for current gen, like there will be DLC for both of our most recent games for the current gen that are still to come.”

“Both” those recent games includes Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. They're the last of a dying breed of seventh generation titles, poised to be the landmarks of a bygone era as we ready ourselves to inhale the fumes of the next generation of digital exhaust. Our bodies are ready.

What's more is that Borderlands 2 has still seen some favorable responses from the community, including a lot of praise for Tiny Tina's DLC. Earlier it was reported that Borderlands 2's latest DLC wouldn't be the last and the same applies for the poorly received but still supported, Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is receiving some brand new campaign DLC, according to Eurogamer.

Given that Gearbox will be tackling some new IP for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles, it's highly unlikely that it's something recognized (or at least, let's hope it's not something easily recognizable). For example, while both Destiny and Titanfall are new IP, we can easily see where one is pretty much Halo as an MMO and the other is Call of Duty with mechs. That's not to say that it's a bad thing, but given Gearbox's penchant for shooter games it's not hard to believe that perhaps their next title could be along the frontlines of the first-person shooter genre.

Still, I'm curious how well their next game will be received by the general given a lot of the bad publicity generated from the Aliens debacle. As noted on CVG, Pitchford has shown very little if no remorse at all about the turnout of events, saying it wasn't his fault. It's a guy who sees nothing wrong in how he handled business, especially insofar as the way he projected himself towards the public.

Maybe with the new generation of consoles there will be some humility and a “lesson learned” attitude adopted from the community avarice over the xenogate saga. Then again... this is the same company who churned out Duke Nukem Forever, so I guess all bets are off.

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